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Stephanie Watkins, Professional OrganizerI'm passionate about helping people struggling with organizing challenges!

My name is Stefanie Watkins, and I'm the owner of Clever Spaces, Inc.  How did I get into this?  I have been doing it for years, just without a title!  Family and friends have always used my skills to help them find peace in their homes.  It is a God given talent that I use as the base of my business.

Now with education, research and a network of other organizers, I have created a company for my passion.  I have used my organizing skills daily as the mother of three boys. One son in particular had more stuff than we had storage for, so I had to come up with a creative plan.  It needed to be a plan he could follow since it is his room and his toys.

I use this philosophy with my clients as well.  Each job and each client is different.  I organize for families and seniors in Wake, Harnett and Johnston Counties.  Call me so I can do the same for you!

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  • Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
  • Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding

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